Saturday, September 5, 2009

paper hearts

i dont know what it is about you. i keep coming back to walk away. i went to bushovers tonight. then dipped out and hungout with amanda and danhardcore. went back. saw D before he leaves. sat and ate a quickcheck sub with jack chez masi and dallara. lifes acceptable now. i have a job that pays more then i can handle and i got 2 new pairs of pants. i get a new car soon aswell. My Demise is recording first demo now so im looking forward to that. im helping out a friends band by playing drums for them. it should be fun. some people, when they talk about music, they lack so much knowledge that i cant even believe it, some words they speak, sentences they form are just unheard of and they walk as if they are some kind of big deal, but if they think that, then its a lose lose situation on their behalf. this season im going to be all over the place, im really excited. now that i sold my soul for some gold i can put it into living a few of my dreams i cooked up in this stupid head of mine. i drank a monster, ontop of a fuckload of soda, so i dont think ill be sleeping for the next couple of days. my life is gonig back and forth, my friends change by the week, my position changes by the month, but hey atleast i dont want to be dead.

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