Thursday, September 24, 2009

I can say i am straight edge, but i dont support shuving my beliefs down other peoples throats as to people wearing certain things as a fashion statement to give off the straight edge, or just being an obnoxious rude asshole to prove to people that i am straight edge. I think its silly. I think if its a personal choice then keep it to yourself. Why go through so much to brag and to prove, when inside thats really who you are? I really wouldnt like it if someone bragged to me how badly they got hammered the night before now wouldnt i? Those are just my thoughts. But, whats my word? My opinion doesnt matter im just another human on this earth whos got something to say. I watched this trailor, and i can honestly say i support it 100 percent. I think it looks sick. As for me? tomorrow im gong out to lunch, then to long island to hangout. Dont get in contact with me. Maybe ill have some fun!

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