Wednesday, September 16, 2009

made a fool out of love

i did it. i let my guard down to the enemy. i feel like an idiot. i feel like getting punched is the best way to cope with this. i feel as if my legs were taken out from under me. growing the courage to fight such a war, and getting defeated in the first battle. my gut feeling is telling me this is for the better but i dont even know who i am. hopefully whoevers reading this is judging me. i plan on hiding. or maybe i should take action at full force. maybe i should start a war to heal this pain? i can assure you all, this bridge, like the others, will be burned, and i will not travel the streets on the other side ever again. that territoy will not be visited, so after you pushing me aside, i will push you farther then you pushed me, and will use the space i cleared after pushing you off to the side, to walk into a brighter future as you sit there next to you're bridge set aflame. dont ever bring me in, bring my guard down, and push me away. i will cause you're whole foundation to collapse, just like you're town, and i will break you're god damn heart, just like you're bridge. and i will leave you as a past mistake. hi, i am matthew carlock.

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