Monday, September 7, 2009


That day will go down in the history books.
For some reason..
Dan hardcore everyone.

Ive been nocturnal for a week now. Its really wierd. Yesterday i went to Redbank and metup with people then went to Ians house then we had to leave. It was fun though. Its so wierd looking back at my life in the past and comparing it to now. Who were those people? WHo are the ones i hangout with now? Shit. This weather just reminds me of the first ava album. Blonde haired girls, and trash talk? Bad memories. I like the cold though it makes me want to skateboard and be naked. Matt what are you talking about. Ive been in a good mood as of lately. I dont really know what to say here, nobody reads this anyway. Fuck.

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  1. this weather reminds me of the first ava album the way i read these, but that's because i'm such a stalker, oh and because i care about you too.