Thursday, August 27, 2009

Looking up

Things are looking up for once. Have a few jobs linedup. Recording new demo with new band. No longer am i hungup. I went to a party tonight and saw a select few people in which i used to contact quite often. We didnt talk. Others, we did. On such rare occasions i bring people close these days, a good thing aswell as bad. These little journals keep me sane. Its almost 7 am and i havent slept, but The gaslight anthem is keeping me alive. In my house i was brought up on Bruce Springsteen, and so was the singer, and for them to idolize Bruce but play music that corrensponds with my generation, is really cool for me and easy for me to get into. Ive been with my band alot, brittany kelly, and joe lisita. They are good people and i enjoy there company because they havent let me down, but more important, they are still here after i let them down. Summer is almost over, and i can proudly say i havent accomplished a single thing to benefit myself. Each day, a minor setback as another advances. But ill just continue to keep taking life as i get it and trying to stay alive. Nobody is going to read this. Nobody cares about my life. I just like to write, if its to how happy i am, or how much i want to die. Writing is writing.

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