Thursday, October 1, 2009


today/tonight was great. it opened up my eyes. i wokeup, kicked around the house all day. drove to brookdale to get shotdown because i am poor so i guess that means ill kick reality off to the side for a few mroe days. then i went to the bruce show with my family and friends that i can call family. it was amazing. mindblowing to see hes still running around like a little kid. hes truly the boss. id work for him. after we got home i went to get food by myself but nothing was open so i took a much needed drive all the way to nellys. it was good to clear my head after a good day. we start re screening everything tomorrow i hope for the new band's merch since we finilized the band name. then tracking vocals real soon. got some shows linedup. the next 2 years are in place, just have to walk through it. i promised myself i am going to stay away from these crazy females. i dont want that. so stay away, unless you're blonde, then in that case you probably smoke pot and drink beer alot so ill stay away. peace 1. back and forth.

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