Wednesday, October 28, 2009

good friends doing bad things

good friends doing bad things
kids of nothing
fuck it all
went to my secret spot tonight
it was raining
i was wet
now im not
the wonder years
the gaslight anthem
brand new
it makes me not want to die
thinking comes too often for me
tomorrow we write more music
show in december
more soon
its hard to be the better man
i dont want to anymore
no boxers right now
just shorts
my friends are missing
i need to start school
i need to finish school
i need a job
i need my car
i live a life of procrastination
im starting to not like you guys
understanding the ones that were close, should be dead.
friday mother of mercy and cold world
cool i guess.
saturday halloween
i dont really know
going to make something to eat
then think about this situation that needs solution

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