Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Blues.

my over dependency on my memories have always kept me bitter knowing that reality isnt going to become the outcome of it. they're mostly influenced by the seasons in wich memory took place in. parting ways with the past is a memorable moment though that i hope will one day outweigh all the moments i've parted ways with. i've been sifting in and out of sleep. solitude is a toss and turn. living through the inbetween, i've noticed the growth of this dark ignorance of existence that has been created over the years. surely, alot has changed since the days, but simple memories such as a little bit of orange anarchy keeps walls paper thin. since the days, most of my time seems to thin itself. i'd much rather sleep because to me dreams have more to offer. the days left me falling asleep without my heart. it kept me thinking. the long path doesn't have much to say. nothing to offer but a simple table to place my hopes down apon. you sit down and stare across the shoreline. nothing like a little peace of mind. ive watched as the worst has prayed on the ones ive looked up to. ive watched them fall and never get back up. ive watched and took part in a hand shake filled with nothing but spite and selfishness for the next move after would be the complete opposite of an actual handshake. ive watched and took part in not putting in enough effort to apply yourself to capture what should be rightfully yours, because you never knew a damn to give it. to my knowledge, my knowledge hasn't been shared. my sense, hasn't actually ever made sense but does that make me unique? should i hold that close and be my own person? should i be worried? who am i? the replay of an old cold man who got dealt a shitty hand of cards? or am i the replay image that didnt know how to play to get the cards dealt to him? i've learned if you are down, you have the option to be up. if you dont take that opportunity, you are a coward. the sun came up again and i'll start my day without any sleep, again.

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