Monday, January 11, 2010

man on a mission

nothing new.
did the normal today: nothing.

when i was younger, in 3rd grade or so my music teacher gave us a sheet of paper and a pencil. he then began to hum notes and asked us to mark on the paper where you think the visual of the sound would be. it was so difficult for everyone in the class to do it, it finally after 20 minutes became a challenge with a reward for the one who got it on exact placement. so there we were, the whole class marking down where they think each sound would be on the piece of paper just by difference. he then went around to all of the desks and i was the only one in the class that got it correct. i didnt understand the big deal, why it was so difficult because well, it was such an easy concept i seemed to grasp almost like i was meant to correnspond with it. from 3rd grade, to tonight. that one day in school has been unraveling itself, and as each day goes by it makes that more bit of sense. last night, i was listening to my favorite song, you know, that song that gets you through whatever obsticle you seem to be having trouble jumping at the time. the song that makes everything better, and my cell phone vibrated. the vibration hitting the desk produced a sound that happened to be in the same key as the chorus of the song. just the vibration itself fit so perfectly, as if a slot opened up in the song for the vibration to reach a higher or lower pitch. the crazy part is, i think i could have pointed that out to you in 3rd grade....

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