Saturday, January 30, 2010


wokeup and went to the mall.
so many of the same kids.
stop picking on younger kids who dont know better.
if you do you're just as lame as they are, if not worse.
hungout at pesces with friends.
left then went to shawns to hang with more friends.
im listening and enjoying senses fail right now.

someone anonymsly(speltwrongprobably) told me i made this for attention. wich is cool, i get it completely why you would say this. they were probably my friend. i guess its a crime to enjoy writing? especially if its what you 100 percent feel no matter how much of a broken record the topic is? dont care then dont read it. dont knock it, or you can, whatever. atleast you're reading and forming an opinion, good or bad on it. im listening to senses fail, hate me for that instead. do it. im enjoying it too. what's up now? you're so hardcore.

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