Tuesday, December 22, 2009

are you a loser? throw a party!

here it is. another year and some of my closest friends have turned there back on me yet again. another cliff i dive and survive, another leg i break and the way of wrong i heal. and they say its worth it in the end? well in about 20 minutes ill let you know. because for this, this is the end. the end to all the time wasted. would you fight for our friendship? another year of friends turning into shit. when something negative happens over and over it usually means you yourself needs to change you're ways. that's not the case. if i were to change, id be one of you. and you're saving out for the future? if you're saving anything it should be this. im done with crooked paths. i will never let us reach anything beyond a social conversation. i will never let you're plan come to play and piece itself together. everything broke, and im hiding the pieces in places you cannot find them. you will never talk you're way out of this one. not a fucking chance. i plan on burying you so deep inside of me, that nothing you do nor say will ever be heard enough to hurt me. im putting you're whole life, you're friends, and you yourself so far in the past that when you look forward you wont be able to see past me. and as for you? you were never my friend. you started as an enemy and i let my guard down and you let this happen. you are a bastard and every single one of you're friends are lowlife losers that once the beer is served you get fed like horses. you were always the enemy, you are not my brother. im done walking into darkness. im turning around and ill leave you with you're back to the sun. well, the road splits here, whats it going to be? left or right? im not even going to move forward, im going to turn around and chase the past i never got to see.

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