Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i have no idea

im really bored.
crime in stereo is doin it for me right now.
drove to brookdale before.
nothing but snobby bitches that go there.
so annoying.
dropped a few friends.
sorry but you were a crutch.
out with the old.
in with the new.
this month is important.
important in a fake world though.

ive thought about it, im pretty stoked on these changes i made. ive never been so sure of something. if you're not going to take responsability for you're actions, then if you luck out when you're stuck and it doesnt go 100 percent the way you wanted, be happy it went all at. no favor had to be done. but it was, and just because it wasnt how you wanted it, doesnt mean its wrong. be greatful. it just shows who you really are. and i dont want to be around that. you're in the past now. forward i advance.

heres a stupid picture.

whats more important?
my mustache?
or that face?
i would hate me if i were a normal person.

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